I guess most blogs have one of these so thought I'd write one just so there are no misunderstandings or anything like that!

Firstly, everything that I write on my blog is written with pure honestly, I have not/will not be paid to write anything misleading. I am always happy to receive PR samples if they fit with my blog theme. I am also happy to sponsor any companies just email me - sophiiee_louiisee@hotmail.co.uk
I will mark any products that have been sent to me with a * at the end of the name/price of the item.

If the products are not marked with the asterisk, I have bought these myself with my own money or they have been gifts from family/friends (I will state if they have)

All images on my blog have been taken by me unless stated otherwise, so please ask first if you wish to use them! If the images are from someone else, I would have asked them first and I will leave a link/source to the original owner. 

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