What I Got For Christmas | 2014

So Christmas is over and I am literally gutted! The build up to Christmas is so big and then the day seems to be gone in what feels like a matter of minutes! Anyway, I wanted to do a little post showing you my favourite gifts that I got, obviously I am not bragging at all. I love seeing the gifts that people get so I thought I would share mine. I am only going to show the main things as I didn't want to do a really long post, but these are my favourites! My favourite thing about Christmas is actually seeing the look on people's faces when you get them a lovely gift, and I was lucky to have that this year as everyone loved the presents I got them! Keep reading to see what I got...

Christmas Gift Guide / Stocking Fillers Under £10 (For Him)

So I have already done my gift guide 'for her' and here is my stocking fillers 'for him'. All of these are under £10 and are only from 2 different shops, Debenhams and Boots. If you're struggling to find an extra little present for your Dad, Grandad, Brother, Uncle, Boyfriend or just a close friend, keep reading to find out where you can order these from!

Quick Update!

So I don't think I have ever done a post about my life and that, but things are going so well at the moment for me so I thought I would do one now. Basically I do Computing at college, so a mixture of networking, graphic design, databases and all that fun stuff! One of my units this year has been Cisco Networking Academy. 'Students gain ICT knowledge and practical experience through the Networking Academy program. You will also earn Cisco career certifications to help fill an estimated eight million networking jobs around the world.' A little quote from the website there which kind of explains a bit about them. They are recognized all over the world and it is such an amazing certificate to have. 
So each week we had an exam, and to prepare for each exam we had to read a chapter which was literally around 40 pages. Taking in what we learnt from this chapter we then had an exam on the topic which was 20 random questions. This went on for 11 weeks (11 chapter exams with a new chapter to read and a new exam each Thursday) and I passed every exam first time (you needed over 70% to pass and I actually got 100% on one of them!) Being the only one in my class that actually put the effort in, it felt amazing as I was the only person to pass every exam. It is a really hard thing to do, I honestly felt like giving up after the first weekly exam! But no I stayed motivated and got amazing results out of it! So to cut the story short, I had my final Cisco exam today.. 57 random questions on the things in all 11 chapters and only 1 hour to do it.. and guess what? I BLOODY PASSED!!! The only one in my class to have passed and I can't tell you how happy I am! I finally feel like I am doing what I want to do, and this may sound soo boring to most of you but I really am happy! Anyway that is all, thought i'd just share my happiness with you all! 

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Christmas Gift Guide / Stocking Fillers Under £10 (For Her)

Ah another Christmas post, yay! Writing these puts me in such a good mood and I am honestly so excited for Christmas it's crazy! Anyway I thought I would share with you 6 things that are perfectly for if you're struggling to find an extra little present for your Mum, Sister, Auntie, Grandma or just a friend. Keep reading to find out where you can order these from!

The Christmas Tag

Ahhhh first of my Christmas posts and we're what only two weeks away?! I better start posting a lot of Christmas themed blog posts then! I found this Christmas tag on Becky's blog (milk bubble tea) and thought it would be nice to answer the questions to get into the Christmas spirit! Keep reading to see my answers and don't forget to also do your own answers, I love reading these tag blog posts!

Matte Lips

So lately I have been absolutely loving a dark matte lip, perfect for this of the year. Nothing is worse than having a matte lipstick that is awfully dry on your lips but these are my go to matte lipsticks for a comfortable wear. None of these dry out your lips, if anything they are surprisingly moisturising! I use a balm on my lips when I start doing my make up, so by the time I get round to putting on my lipstick, my lips are nice and hydrated. Keep reading to find out what matte lipsticks I've been loving!