May Favourites

Read more to find out what I've been loving the most this month :)

Online shopping: Amazon, New Look, HoF

So this post is going to be split in half. The first half of this is stuff that I ordered from Amazon using my free £50 voucher I received from an app called feature points (check my last post!) The second half will be the stuff that I paid for with my own money. 

Current Favourites: Non Beauty

I thought I would share with you today a few random things that I've been loving the past few months that aren't beauty related. 

Current Everyday Make-up Routine

I've never posted a make up routine and I was sat here wondering what to post, so I thought why not lets post one. I won't be posting a picture of what the finished look likes like (sorry) but I've had major horrible breakouts lately so haven't actually worn make up for 4 days now! Keep reading to find out what products I use.. 


Firstly I would just like to say I am so so sorry for not posting in what feels like forever, I had the worst week ever and just wasn't feeling doing anything other than feeling sorry for myself and staying in bed. Anyway, I wanted to share with you this gorgeous jewellery company from Instagram, keep reading to find out more!

Top 10 Drugstore Products: Part 2

So my part 1 for this was probably like 2 weeks ago, but I got caught up writing so many new posts I completely forgot about part 2, oops. But here it is. finally...

'oh so natural'

So lately I have been having days where I really don't want to wear any dramatic make up, yet still want to wear some to just make me look more awake etc. To find out what products I've been using to do this, carry on reading!

Lipstick Collection & Swatches!

So I really wanted to do another collection post after positive feedback on my MAC Collection! I didn't really want to do a whole make-up collection just yet as I'm getting new storage etc soon, so once all of that is finally sorted I may do a make-up collection & storage post! But for now, I have my full lipstick collection for you! 

Birthday Wishlist!

So my birthday isn't actually until next month but as I have my eye on some things I thought I'd save my money and ask for them for my birthday instead! Obviously I don't expect to get all of this from my parents as they aren't cheap presents, so I'm also saving my own money so when I go to Southampton I can buy some of these myself. 

Morning Routine {lazy day edition}

So all of my posts so far have literally been about beauty products (not saying sorry as that's my favourite thing to talk about ;)) but I thought tonight I would write something a little different, although it's most likely going to be boring so I do apologize about that! So here is my morning routine on what I like to call a 'lazy day'!

MAC Collection!

So today I asked on Instagram if people wanted to see a MAC collection as I felt like writing this, and a lot of you said yes so here it is!

Make Up Haul

So this was actually supposed to be uploaded 3 days a go but I'm still not very well and I just didn't have to energy to sit and write this, but better later than never right? So I have another haul for you which is really no surprise but here we go!