Top 4 For Autumn!

Looks like 90% of my blog posts are now going to be autumn related but hey who doesn't love autumn?! Today I am going to share with you 4 of my go to products for autumn, that I have basically been wearing everyday! Yes I am aware that the picture only shows 3 items but I decided to add the last one in a bit later and by then the lighting had changed and well you know what that means when it comes to taking photos for a blog post!

The Things I Love About Autumn

I know I say this every time I stop blogging for a while, but I have have honestly had so much on this past month I haven't had any time to sit down and take photos let alone write the blog post after. But I thought I could make the time to hopefully blog at least once a week just until I get everything back in order, possibly on a Sunday from now on. Anyway I've finally managed to find some time today, and here are the things I love about Autumn! 

Quite a big haul..

So I have a haul post for you today, just a few things that I have purchased over the last couple of weeks. Literally everything I have got is mostly for autumn, so clothing and make up etc. I am just warning you now that this is 99% likely to be a very long post, so why not grab a cuppa and get comfy before you start! Keep reading if you want to find out what I got! (you can click the names of the products to take you to a website where you can buy them)