Top 5 Autumn Lipsticks

I honestly cannot believe how fast this year has gone, like we're in September already?! That's absolutely crazy! It seems that when it's winter i'm like 'I can't wait until summer!' then once it's summer it's 'I can't wait until winter!'. We all do it (I hope). Well anyway I for one, cannot wait for autumn/winter this year! The thought of coming home from college on a cold night, eating one of my mums chicken curry's, getting snug in my onesie, lighting those Christmas scented Yankee candles and watching movies with a hot chocolate seriously excites me. Not only that I also loooove the a/w trends, and I must say I am really excited for those jumpers, boots and leggings days! My favourite thing about the change from summer/autumn has to be my lip colour! Saying goodbye to those nudes/pinks/corals and saying a massive hello to those deep red/berry shades! Today I will be sharing with you my top 5 lipstick for autumn! 

The Body Shop / Tea Tree Range

I don't even know where to start this blog post, other than the fact that this range is literally incredible. I must admit I haven't got the nicest skin in the world and do suffer from quite bad blemishes, I have done for about 2 years now and no matter what products I have tried nothing has ever worked, until now...

Back to College Make Up

So tomorrow is my first day back at college, this is going to be the second year of my course and I am kind of excited yet don't want the holidays to end :( I thought I would share with you the make up that I will be wearing back, I'm keeping it quite natural as my days at college are very busy and the last thing I want to be doing is topping up my make up throughout the day.